Monday, December 3, 2012

Book of the Week: Master of Love

Master of Love

Master of Love is a historical romance set in the Victorian era. Callista is a young woman who is setting the Ton on its ear because she is a gentlewoman who is working as a bookseller and librarian in order to support her household. Her deceased father was the third son of a baron who ended up inheriting the title but no land or money came with it. She is a strong and confident woman who struggles with taking care of her family and asking for help when needed. When he passed away, Callista was left to support the family. She obtains work as a librarian for Dominic Avery, Viscount Rexton.

Dominic is a man who is hiding who he truly is from the world. As a child, he wasn't taken seriously as a student because of his looks and this continued on into adulthood even though he has a passion for philosophy and a brilliant mind. He is considered an "Adonis." He has a reputation as a rake and is called the "Master of Love." He is tired of thought of as a Lothario and as shallow when behind the mask lies a man of strength and intelligence.

Drawn to each other from the beginning, they struggle to come together as a couple. Misunderstandings abound until Callista's virtue and life are put in jeopardy. When they finally manage to come together, Callista  refuses to consider a future with Dominic until Dominic's life is threaten by his protege. Callista reveals Dominic's secret to the world in order to spare his life and finally agrees to be his wife.

I was drawn into the story of these two lovers from the very beginning. Catherine LaRoche creates dynamic, complex characters who are easy to relate to because of the struggles that they go through in order to be true to their selves. The one problem that I personally had with the story was that after Callista and Dominic came together Callista started using sex to manipulate Dominic when she wanted to avoid a discussion.  Master of Love is an exciting love story and I greatly enjoyed reading it.

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