Monday, June 10, 2013

A Tribute to My Dad

With Father's Day on this coming Sunday, I thought it only fitting to make this week a tribute to Fathers, Daddies, Dads, Das, Papas, Grandpas, Pappies, and all those wonderful men out there who love their children and want to be the best Dad's that they can.

As a single woman, I have to say that I have been spoiled by the men I am closest to in my life. I would be very blessed if I could find a man like my dad or like my brother-in-law. They are both wonderful Godly men who love their families.

My dad has done his best to teach me and my sister to walk closely with Jesus. He is not a perfect man by any means, but he loves the Lord and does his best to live as the Bible teaches us.

Anyway, these videos remind of him, and I just want to say "Thank you, Dad!"

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