Friday, December 14, 2012

Where is He?

I'm reading a book on my iPhone when my sister asks me, "What happened in Connecticut?"

"I don't know."

I read for a few more minutes and then curiosity got the best of me and I go to the web browser on my phone and do a search for Connecticut. What I find out horrifies me!

Twenty-seven people are thought to be dead in a shooting at an elementary school.

As I am reading the tears well up in my eyes. I am crying for the families. I am crying for the children. I am crying for a community who is suffering. I am crying for the shooter.

It seems so senseless. It is so heartbreaking.

I am praying for the families. I am thinking about going to get the Princess from school early even though we live in a different part of the country. Partly from fear and partly from the need to be reassured. But I don't because it would just scare and upset her.

I keep wondering, "Where is He? Where is God? Can He be found even in this tragedy?"

In my heart, I know the answer. The answer is that He is there. In ways that we can't see or understand He is working. We can draw comfort from knowing that He is there, that He personally carried each one of His children into heaven.

He promises that even this can be used for good, that He can be glorified.

But even knowing this is I still cry. My heart still breaks. There is healing in tears and I believe that Jesus is weeping right along with me.

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