Monday, July 8, 2013

Made to Crave—week 1

Last week I visited the blog Caravan Sonnet and saw that she and a couple of other bloggers were starting an online study using Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. I have owned this book for a while and I have been struggling with my weight for even longer. I have started and stopped reading this book more than once. I am praying that by following their blogs and with your support I can finally stick with my journey to lose the weight.

Reading the Intro to Made to Crave, three things really stood out to me.

1.     “In my case, the number itself was not the issue. The issue was how I felt mentally, spiritually, and physically.”—Lysa Terkeurst

This stands out to me because I can relate to it so easily. For me the number on the scale is not the reason I want to lose the weight. It is just an indicator. How I have been feeling lately is the real reason why I need to lose the weight.

2.    The story that she used from Matthew 19 about the rich man.

For the past year, this story has come up in several different ways and in relation to several different areas of my life. Each area it has come up in it has been in relation to something that I have been making an idol of and putting ahead of my relationship with Christ.

3.    “God made us capable of craving so we’d have an unquenchable desire for more of Him, and Him alone.”

This statement struck me because it was like a sudden awakening. I have noticed in the past that when a person is addicted to something, it is because there is a hole, a craving for something…something more, something that gives them satisfaction and a feeling of completion…but that is a hole or a craving that can only be satisfied with God. When I read that statement, it was like blinders had been lifted…I had never applied that idea to my own life and I can see how I have substituted my craving for God with things from this world. None of which have brought me satisfaction.

So I am excited about this journey because I believe that the Lord is going to bring great things through this.

My Stats:

Weight today: 219 lbs
BMI: 42
Waist: 43 in
Hips: 53 in



  1. SO delighted that you are doing this with us!! OOO the story of the rich man from Matthew 19 also stood out to me too!! Thank you for sharing that! AND I love that quote that you mentioned in #3- such a great point!! Thank you for sharing with us Misty!! :)
    Have a lovely day!!
    :) Rebecca