Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Have you ever been obsessed with something? You can't stop thinking about whatever it is that you are obsessed with. If it is a person you want to talk with and spend all your time with that person. If it is an object you are constantly taking care of that object, cleaning it, polishing it, & babying it. If it is an activity you spend all of your time working and practicing that activity. Your family and friends think you are crazy because your obsession is all you talk about.

Obsessions are not usually seen as good things because you are taking something to the extreme and usually leaving no room for anything else, but I am learning that is one thing or rather one Person in this world that it is actually good to be obsessed with and that person is Jesus Christ. When we are obsessed with Jesus and He is the center of our world then there is room for other things. In fact, the more obsessed we are with Him, the wider and more open our world becomes. As we open our hearts to Christ, we are better able to open our hearts to others. We want to spend more time with others, helping them and loving them. Being obsessed with Jesus expands our world instead of contracting it. I want to be obsessed with Jesus. Do you?

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