Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Yard Sale

I haven't told any of you but I am currently unemployed. I quit my job last month and I have decided to change careers. Right now I am living on faith because when I quit my job I only had enough money to cover my expenses until now. Now I don't have any money at all.

I have been reading the story of the rich man who asked Jesus how he could get into heaven. Jesus answer was that he needed to sell everything give it to the poor and follow Him. Well, since I have read that story so many times lately, I decided to take it literally. I have started selling my things online at yardsellr and I have opened at store on Amazon.

This weekend I decided to have a yard sale at my home. I pulled a ton of stuff out of my house. I was just going through cabinets and taking the stuff outside to sell. I had big expectations about this sale because I really felt like God was calling me to do this. I was hugely disappointed. Not a lot of people came to my garage sale and the ones who did just wanted me to give them the stuff I had. At one point today I was very angry because I basically gave away a bunch of stuff to people who could easily go and buy it new. I felt like people were trying to take advantage of me. I spent a lot of the afternoon angry about it. Then I counted the money that I has earned today. I felt a little better because I knew that at least one of my bills that are due this week would be paid. Later my mom asked me how much money I had made, and as I was telling her about it, I realized that while the Lord did not supply what I wanted and expected He did supply exactly what I needed. In that second, I went from being angry and disappointed to being grateful and knowing that I can trust Him. He is looking out for me and supplying my needs, and His timing is perfect. :-)

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