Friday, March 8, 2013

Book of the Week: The Widow of Saunders Creek

Book of the Week: Widow of Saunders Creek 

The Widow of Saunders Creek: A Novel
Six months after her husband dies in a bombing in Iraq, Corrie Saunders moves to her late husband’s family farm in the Missouri Ozarks. Some of his family resent her presence, but her late husband’s cousin Eli Saunders welcomes Corrie and helps her to restore the old farmhouse that she inherited when her husband died. After Corrie moves into the old farmhouse, strange things begin to happen. Is her husband Jarrod’s spirit come back to comfort her or is there something more sinister at work in her house?

Eli Saunders loves Saunders Creek, and he loves the old family farmhouse where he spent a lot of his childhood. Helping Corrie to restore the farmhouse brings healing toward the rivalry and bitterness he felt toward his cousin Jarrod, but something in the house seems to want to harm him. Eli knows that the house is haunted by a demon, but can he convince Corrie? Or will she cling to the spirit in her house because she wants it to be Jarrod?

I found this book to be intriguing. This book is not your typical Christian romance, and I couldn’t put it down. It addresses an issue not often thought of or talked about in the church. Is there such a thing as ghosts? Or is what we put down to ghosts really demons in disguise? Tracey Bateman has a way of using fiction to bring out issues that we typically ignore and her journey into paranormal literature from a Biblical perspective is unique and fresh without being preachy. 

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  1. This sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for your thoughts and the review.

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