Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Burning Questions

First off, I want to apologize for not blogging in the past week or so. I am a caregiver for one of my grandmothers and in the past week (with snow and ice everywhere) we moved her and me into my parents' new home. I have been busy packing her things and unpacking her things and helping my parents get settled and getting myself settled. It has left little time for anything else. Now onto what I want to talk about. There has been a lot in the news lately about the US Supreme Court hearing the cases on homosexual marriage, first the one against the state of California and today against the defense of marriage act. Now I want to say that I am not a political activist and this is not a statement for or against homosexual marriage. These are just questions that I have been pondering and while I know how I personally would answer some of them I am not answering them on here. 1) If the case against the State of California is won by the people suing California, is it really just a win for homosexual marriage or is it a loss for ALL human rights? Here is what I mean...The PEOPLE of California VOTED on and for marriage being between one man and one woman only so if the Supreme Court overturns that law (that the PEOPLE voted for) then what does that mean for our right to vote? If the government can come in and say that the PEOPLE who voted were wrong to vote that way on this issue, then what is to stop them from doing that on other issues or even things like the Presidency? Once again, how does this decision impact our right to vote? 2) How will this decision (either way) impact our freedom of religion and our freedom in general? 3) What is marriage? 4) Who created marriage? 5) Why was marriage created? 6) If the government didn't create the institution of marriage, does the government really have the right to change the definition of marriage? (By the way, the institution of marriage has been around a lot longer than our government has. Just food for thought.) 7) When I was an undergrad, we debated homosexual marriage in one of my classes and another student said that people change so then God needs to change, but do people really change or has this always been an issue? 8) If you say that you love Jesus and want to follow Him, but you pick and choose what to believe from His Word, do you really love Him? 9) Can I love somebody and yet not support the way that they are living? Or do I have to agree with everything they say and do in order to love them? 10) What is tolerance and bigotry? 11) If we disagree with someone does that make us intolerant and bigot? Are we only tolerant when we agree? Like I said, these are just questions that have been burning in my mind the last couple of days. I'm not giving my opinion on them, but I do know how I would answer them. Do you?

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