Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All I Need

I was obsessing over a guy last week. Not a big surprise. If there is a guy in my life, then I am usually obsessive about him. But this guy is different. This guy is one I fell in love with years ago and even though we haven't talked in a while I contacted him this past week. Well, some of you might think I'm crazy and at times during this past week I have wondered about it myself. I found myself doing things like posting more frequently on Facebook in order to try and get his attention because I realized that even after all this time I still love him, but as I was obsessing about it this week the Lord kept speaking to my heart. He kept asking me, "Aren't I enough?"

So I have been asking myself, "Is Jesus really enough? If I lost everything, would He still be enough?"
Well, as I have searched my heart this week and as I have sorted through all of the things that I have held onto for years including this guy, I realized that for me the answer is "Yes, Lord! You are enough. You are more than enough." I have learned in this past week that Jesus Christ is truly all I need and that my greatest desire is to glorify Him.

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