Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who is the BarnPrincess?

I realized recently that I have never taken the time to introduce myself and to tell you about who I am so that is what today’s blog is about.

My name is Misty Boone. I am a 37-year-old, single, Christian woman. I have never been married, and  I don’t have any children although my niece says that I am “like a parent.” I have a niece and a nephew who I get to spend a lot of time with. I don’t think of myself as shy, but I tend to be introverted and quiet especially in a group setting. One –on-one I have a tendency to relax more and be more outgoing. I love to read. I will usually read anything that is suggested to me, but my personal taste does run more towards non-fiction and romance. I love to craft and repurpose things. I usually always have a crochet project in the works as well as several books that I am trying to get read. I enjoy sewing, embroidery, and painting as well. I like cooking and baking.

Up until last May, I taught preschool. I love the children that I have taught, but it recently came to me that I don’t love the directions that our schools are heading and the lack of discipline in them so I decided that it was time for a change. Right now I am trying to get this blog going, and I have started selling books and gifts online through Amazon marketplace. I am also trying to find work to support me until I get everything else going. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time finding a job. I am also in the process of searching for my calling. I always thought that I was called to work with children and to a certain extent I still believe, but I don’t believe that I am supposed to teach preschool anymore which is one of the reasons that I am having difficulty finding work.

Quickie Facts

1.       I’m 37 years old.
2.       My birthday is in September.
3.       My favorite color is red…not fire engine red, but a deep red like the color of burgundy wine.
4.       My favorite book is the Bible.
5.       I am most passionate about my faith.
6.       I am also passionate about children and families.
7.       I like to crochet.
8.       I like to sew.
9.       I like to do crafts in general.
10.   I love to read.
11.   I like to dance.
12.   I like to cook. My favorite recipe is chicken parmesan.
13.   I like to bake. My favorite thing to bake is snickerdoodles.
14.   I like the outdoors, camping, and horseback riding.
15.   I enjoy exploring old barns.
16.   I am learning to garden. Until recently I couldn’t seem to grow anything, but in the last couple of years I have actually managed to keep plants alive all summer.

So what about you guys? Introduce yourself to me and tell me a little bit about you. I love making new friends.

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