Monday, October 8, 2012

Love Letters from Jesus

One of the things that I really struggle with is feelings of insecurity. I forget who I am, I forget whose I am, and I forget that I am loved. One of the ways that I have started battling this lately is by making a book that I am calling Love Letters from Jesus. In this book I am recording reminders of who I am in Christ. I am recording Bible verses and things that people say to me that encourage me, but I write them down in letter format and sign them from Jesus.

Some of my letters:

Things needed to make:
Smash book
Pen or fine tipped Sharpie marker
Scrapbook paper (I cut my paper into 3x3 squares.)
Paper cutter
Anything else you want to add to make it your own

Gather what you need to make your book and then it is as simple as occasionally writing simple love letters to yourself from Jesus. I usually do this when I am doing my Bible study or devotional. But occasionally I will add something as it comes to mind during the day.

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