Saturday, November 3, 2012

Women of Faith

This weekend was the Women of Faith conference in Kansas City so I want to share a few pieces of advice and reminders that I received this weekend.

1) God wants us to praise Him in the middle of the storm as well as in the good times.

2) Every single one of us has an emptiness that only God can fill. Food, sex, men, drugs, or whatever you put before your relationship with God will only fill that emptiness for a short time. Only God can fill that hole permanently.

3) Build up an arsenal to fight Satan's lies. Sheila Walsh suggests writing Bible verses on 4x6 cards and carrying them with you.

4) God lavishes His love upon us.

5) Liz Curtis Higgs suggests that every morning after you get ready stand in front of the mirror and say, "Tada!" She says that it can be life changing.

6) When all we see is dirt, all God sees is hope because He has plans for us.

7) No matter how lost you feel or how far away from God you seem to be He chose you and He can use you.

8) Salvation is all a work of God. It is not about being good enough.

9) Walk Chosen

10) Treat every moment as a gift because that is what it is. Every moment is a gift from the one who took our place and died in our stead.

11) We are all in this together. You are not alone. Christ walks with you and everyone of us is broken.

12) Live fully alive in Christ.

13) God loves broken people.

14) In our weakness, The Lord provides His strength.

15) God's plans for us are greater than our own.

16) Trust Him!

17) Be a living sacrifice.

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