Monday, February 18, 2013

Book of the Week: The Briarpatch Gospel by Shayne Wheeler

“I realized that Jesus is in the midst of that jumbled thicket—the briarpatch—waiting for me to venture in. He’s waiting for you, too. And if we follow him, we will find him.”
~Shayne Wheeler, The Briarpatch Gospel

The Briarpatch Gospel is about wading out into the briarpatch of our lives. It is about getting real with God, ourselves, and each other in order to become the people that God has planned for us to be and to lead others to Him. Shayne Wheeler spreads the message of the grace and love of Jesus and how Jesus’ love for us can transform our lives.

I found that this book challenged me. As I was reading the book, I took a long hard look at my fears and the mask that I put up to keep others from seeing the real me… the messed up me…and how I do the same with God even knowing that He has always seen the messed me. It has challenged me to look at how I view other people. Am I viewing them through the lenses of the messed up me or am I viewing them through the lenses of Christ? How can I share His love with everyone I meet even those people that I don’t agree with the way that they live their lives? How can I be a reflection of Christ and represent His kingdom here on earth? The Briarpatch Gospel actually created more questions for me than answers, but that was because it caused me to reflect on my life and I am the only one who can truly answer those questions.

I received my copy courtesy of Tyndale House Publishers.

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