Friday, February 8, 2013

Book of the Week: Don't Let Me Go

Book of the Week: Don’t Let Me Go

Don’t Let Me Go is a heart wrenching story of how love can conquer even the strongest of fears.

Don’t Let Me Go is the story of Grace, a young girl whose mother is an addict, and how she touches and changes the lives of the people who live in her apartment building. In the story, Grace doesn’t want to leave her mother, but she sits out on the front steps of her apartment building every day after school in the hopes that one of her neighbors would step in and help her. Billy, one of her neighbors, is agoraphobic, but when he sees Grace sitting out on the steps of the apartment building day after day, he faces his fear and goes out on his balcony to ask her why she is sitting out there. And thus begins a friendship that helps Billy to face his fears and helps Grace to blossom and bloom while expanding their friendship to draw in the other people who also live in the building. Rayleene takes Grace into her home while Grace’s mother attempts to stay clean. Felipe takes Grace to school every day and teaches her Spanish. Billy watches her every day after school and teaches her to dance. Mrs. Hinman makes clothes for Grace. It is a beautiful story in which each person faces their own fears that keep them alone because of the love that one little girl inspires in each of them.

It is a definite must-read. It is such a touching story that I cried through at least the last half of the book if not more. 

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