Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reasons to Love Being Single!

A few years ago after a bad breakup (by which I mean I took the breakup badly) a friend of mine at the time told me that I should make a list about what I loved about being single. I took her advice and made a list. I am being facetious about some of the reasons listed, but others I am sincere about. 

1)      It’s all about ME!
2)      I can go anywhere I want when I want.
3)      No sharing the remote control.
4)      No sharing the computer.
5)      I can spend money the way that I want.
6)      “ME” nights
7)      Having “ladies’ nights out” without having to worry about the family
8)      So many choices, so little time
9)      Being able to serve or volunteer where needed when needed
10)   No scheduling conflicts
11)   I get to choose the movie, the TV show, the music, etc.
12)   I can fix what I want to eat for supper.
13)   I can be as clean or as messy as I want to be
14)   I can decorate the house the way I want to decorate it
15)   No sharing the bathroom
16)   All the privacy I want
17)   I can walk around my place naked if I want to because there are no children around.
18)   I can do what I want when I want
19)    I have more time to focus on my relationship with Christ.
20)   I get the whole bed to myself.
21)   I can be used by God in ways I couldn’t be if I was married.
22)   I have to rely more on God than I might if I were married.
23)   I have time to get to know me.
24)   I only have to shave my legs and other areas if it’s bugging me
25)   I don’t have to deal with it (stroking his ego, etc)
26)   I can talk to whom I want when I want
27)   No worrying about if he will call or why he doesn’t call.
28)   I can kiss who I want on New Year’s Eve or under the mistletoe.
29)   Only have myself to worry about.
30)   No in-laws
31)   No stinky man laundry
32)   The fun, witty comebacks to the question, “Why aren’t you married?”
33)   I have more time to serve others.
34)   No toilet seat left up
35)   No ESPN on the TV all the time

What do you love about being single?

God Bless You!
Misty Boone

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