Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Dream

I'm standing on a porch which is on the edge of a cliff.

Just standing there and looking out.

I see an eagle. First, one, then two, then three.

I watch them and as I watch them a longing is created in me. It is such a STRONG longing...


I want to soar with those eagles.

I can just imagine it...the soaring, the wheeling, the freedom!

I walk off the porch and walk out to the very edge of the cliff.

I throw my arms wide and then...JUMP!

And just like that I am FLYING! 


I am soaring through the air!

I am surrounded by the eagles!

Oh, the freedom!
The happiness!
The joy!
The feeling that I am ALIVE!

I have had this dream off and on for years. A dream of feeling alive. A dream of freedom. 

During these years I have been searching for this feeling, and it has always seemed to evade me. It would come for a little while and then go away again.

I thought that the feeling was reliant upon what I was doing and the people who I was with. 

In the past few months, I have learned that I was wrong. That feeling of being alive and free it comes from being thankful. It comes from recognizing that every single moment is a gift from God. 

It is the idea of  Eucharisteo. The idea that faith walks in love and produces thanksgiving and freedom. The idea that we are all sons and daughters of God. 

Do you want to walk fully ALIVE? Do you want to live in FREEDOM and soar with eagles? Then be thankful to God for everything. Walk close to Him. Love others. 

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