Tuesday, June 11, 2013

12 Great Gifts for Dad

I love my dad, but when it comes to buying or making gifts for him, it can be difficult. I know some guys who are easy to buy for...a bottle of wine or Jack, golf balls, stuff for the grill, a new tie, but that stuff won't work for my dad. For one, he doesn't drink and doesn't golf. He only grills occasionally. Normally he lights the grill and then I do the actual grilling. He doesn't wear a suit and tie unless there is a funeral. 

He is into sports and fishing. He works with his hands so tools can be a good thing, but usually he just goes and buys them himself. He enjoys working outside and landscaping. He likes playing games, but after 30 some years it sometimes feels like we have bought him every game (indoor & outdoor) imaginable. So we have to get creative when thinking of things to buy or make Dad for gifts. Here are a few of the things that I have found on Pinterest or around the web that I think Dad would like and are not your typical gifts.

1)  The Best Dad Gets Promoted to Grandpa

Now I'm single and I don't have any children, but my sister has two children. I also have a friend whose children call my dad "Papa" also so I think this makes a perfect gift for my dad even if I am not the one to give it to him.

Okay! I know that this book is actually for young children to give to their fathers, but what a great idea! As an adult, you could insert photos of you and your father together through out the years and write down some of your favorite memories of your father.

What dad can resist cookies made for him?

Can I say that I think that this is my favorite? You can fill it with anything...cookies, candies, nuts, fishing gear, tools, whatever Dad loves!

What game-lovin' outdoorsy guy wouldn't love his own horseshoe pit?

This post was originally for a wedding, but when your Dad loves working in the garden and loves playing games, don't you think that he would love a sign for the garden listing the games that he loves?

I think that is one garden game that my father doesn't have. Does anyone have some 2 x 4's that I can use?

I think this such a great idea. Can't you imagine all the ways that you can decorate the tin?

My dad is a fantastic scrabble player. I don't know very many people who can beat him. When I saw these I immediately thought of him for his new "man cave." BTW, this link is another one for a wedding site.

Once again, I saw these and thought of my dad and his new "man cave."

This is a link for ordering the strawberries from Red Envelope, but if you like working with chocolate or decorating cakes, they shouldn't be that difficult to make yourself.

Once again, I love this one because it is so adaptable! She put gummy fish in the can, but just think about what else you can fill it with! Fishing tackle, gummy worms...

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